Luna Weighted Blanket

September 22, 2022


One tester said she liked the Luna best because “it seems more like an actual blanket.” She continued, “The weights didn’t jiggle around, and yet the blanket didn’t feel stiff.” Another tester added that the surface “felt smooth and high-quality.”Blanket

Although the cotton fabric on the surface of the blanket and the duvet cover is soft, it also feels thinner than the fabric on the Baloo. Then again, the Luna is half the price. “It feels like a nice but inexpensive shirt you get from Target,” said a tester, and indeed, it dried a little wrinkly like a shirt, too. The Luna’s stitching isn’t as precise and tight as the Baloo’s, and the duvet cover’s zipper felt cheap, especially compared with that of the Gravity and Luxome blankets. After covering and uncovering the Luna a few times, we found that the duvet cover’s zipper had already begun to detach from the seams.

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